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Auto Dealerships Document Driven Processes

FileBound Automotive Testimonial

As manufacturer requirements, regulatory mandates and price pressure from customers increase, auto dealers are finding it more difficult to maintain profitability and high service levels. FileBound by Upland Software helps dealers get control of paper documents and manual processes that increase costs and prevent maximum efficiency.

Auto dealerships across the country use FileBound to digitize dealer jackets, repair orders, parts tickets, accounts payable invoices, human resources (HR) documents and more and then automate processes associated with them. These dealerships are able to increase efficiency, improve responsiveness to customers and manufacturers and hold the line on costs by eliminating manual paper-based processes. For authorized users, documents are immediately available from any location, or even a mobile device, while being protected from unauthorized viewing, loss or unforeseen disasters.

Automotive Dealership


  • Lowers operating costs across sales, parts & service, accounts payable, human resources and more with a single investment to offset rising costs and price pressure
  • Eases compliance with manufacturers’ audits and other compliance requirements to provide documents and/or audit trails proving all protocols were followed
  • Automates processes such as approvals or requests by routing them electronically
  • Increases efficiency and productivity to support growth without increasing staff
  • Eliminates the space and time spent storing and retrieving paper documents
  • Meets customer demand for less-hassle sales processes by providing immediate access to recent credit applications, documentation of the terms of a previous purchase or other information thatcan streamline the customer experience
  • Role-based user rights make it easy to provide access to the information users need while protecting sensitive documents such as customer credit applications and employee HR files, even across multiple rooftops
  • Integrates with most dealer management systems (DMSs), but allows dealerships to control how documents are automatically classified and stored without being tied to a DMS that no longer meets the company’s needs
Automotive Testimonial FileBound

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