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Records Inventory 101:

By Lisa Morris 101 Just Sounds Good—There is Nothing Basic About a Records Inventory Introduction In records administration, an inventory is a detailed listing of each record/record series or system, along with a location indicator, and other essential data. It is a list of each series or system rather than a list of each document or folder. The primary…

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High Tech and High Touch: The Office of the Future

Christina Robbins, Digitech Systems Over the last year or so, we have experienced historically high levels of job mobility and voluntary unemployment. But this unemployment wasn’t typical. Large numbers of individuals willingly left the workforce, which should lead us to question why. It’s my belief that the Great Resignation signaled historically low employee engagement. It’s a call for organizations…

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Cyber Security Audit

Did a Cyber Attack Catch You Unprepared? Don’t be a victim, be prepared. It does not matter if your organization is a global corporation or a small business – each one is at risk. Any computer network that is connected to the internet is vulnerable, and no one is immune to an attack. According to AlertFind, an astonishing 700,000…

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Introducing the New Line of ScanPro® Microfilm Scanners

Meet the ScanPro 2500, 3500 and i9500! e-ImageData is excited to introduce our latest product line that will be sure to impress. As the worldwide leader in the micrographics industry, we pride ourselves in always innovating – bringing the latest innovations to your fingertips by producing the best award-winning line of ScanPro microfilm scanners that will continue to make…

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3 Insights about Implementing a Digital Mailroom that Could Change Your Game

The digital mailroom replaces manual sorting and distribution of mail with a virtual document capture system that automatically routes both paper mail and email to remote workers for processing. If you’re looking for a better way to capture and distribute mail, you’re not alone. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, distributing mail to the right employees was a cumbersome, time-consuming…

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Capture is Essential to Automation Infographic

You can’t automate if you can’t capture! According to AIIM, 75% of organizations see information chaos as a major problem for their organization, and two out of three organizations cannot even easily identify basic metadata like the owner and version for over 50% of their documents.1 Organizations who are unable to keep up with digitization, automation, and cloud computing…

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Streamline Student Records Management with Document Capture Technology

From digitizing old student records to maintaining new ones, document capture technology automates and streamlines records management for a faster, cost-efficient process. How long does it take to intake student records? What if data entry was reduced by 90%? How long does it take you to find a student record? What if you could do so instantly? Simplifying student…

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How Can Robots Improve Your Business Processes?

By: HK Bain Frustrated by the paperwork backlog in Accounts Payable and Human Resources? Tired of inputting endless data manually? After performing that kind of work all day, little time remains for more rewarding and strategic tasks to move your organization forward. The better way is to use Digitech Systems award-winning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline your routine…

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