Monthly Webinars

The March ScanPro Webinar is 3/26 at 10:00am CST and the March FileBound Webinar is on 3/23 at 10:00am CST .

Our monthly FileBound webinar will guide you through:

  • An overview of the FileBound platform and features
  • Ways you can use workflow automation to meet your desired outcomes
  • Case studies of those who have built automated workflow processes to improve compliance, collaboration and access to information

Our workflow automation and document management experts will show how to harness the full scope of workflow automation so your employees can effortlessly manage time-consuming business processes.

During our monthly ScanPro webinar you’ll see:

  • An overview of the ScanPro micofilm scanner features
  • Learn which ScanPro model is the best fit for you
  • Find out why the ScanPro mirofilm scanners are the product of choice for libraries, research facilities and universities

Our ScanPro experts will show you the how the ScanPro difference can be broken down into four main differentiators: Innovation, Reliability, Performance and Ease-of-Use.

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