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FileBound Integrations

Good riddance, Data Silos and Faulty Information

FileBound is designed to be easy-to-deploy, highly configurable, scalable, flexible and secure, with an intuitive user interface. We provide our customers with the best experience for integrating FileBound software products with other third-party, line of business applications.

  • Upland Integration Platform, powered by Dell Boomi – our partnership with Dell Boomi provides our clients with reliable, secure integration between FileBound and existing applications already deployed at their organization. Our platform gives you an added advantage when it comes to ensuring that you are technologically up to speed on the latest updates, or when transferring precious data between platforms.
  • APIs – for organizations with the capacity to develop their own integrations, in-house, our APIs offer a cost effective solutions building customized integration with existing your existing line-of-business systems.
  • Fused Interface effortlessly pull ups information used within your industry, whether you’re looking for contracts, agreements, invoices, student or patient records, or deeds and land plots (and beyond). Whatever your industry, and whatever valuable data you access frequently, you will have the added impact of having all available information literally at your fingertips to disseminate quickly.
  • Single Sign-On – if your company uses one of many standard Single Sign-On providers, our SAML 2.0 compliance ensures authentication security through them while using FileBound.
  • FileBound Connect – Our new desktop tool gives users a straight line into FileBound from their various line-of-business applications. Connect sits in the corner of users’ screens and provides instant notifications if the user has a new assignment or when the system has content pertaining to the application. Find and view documents, drag documents from your PC straight into online files, and create new files all from within Connect. This tool reduces toggling, allows users to work more efficiently, and has been built and modeled against customer feedback. It’s easy to use and therefore, adoption is gained almost instantaneously – which helps to promote widespread use and the maintainability of customer processes.

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