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FileBound Workflow Solutions

Automate workflows to balance daily tasks

Eliminate manual work, banish approvals bottlenecks, build project transparency, and focus your time on high-value tasks.

Look forward to a better workday, every day

If you’re stuck in menial details, are you really working effectively? Empower staff by giving them technology to increase control of daily processes and uncover areas for improvements

Build the workflows you need…

Easily configure workflows for any task using a user-friendly, no-code interface.

  • Build from templates or create customized workflows and easily update as needed
  • A no-code experience means anyone can configure workflows
  • Add business rules or regulatory requirements to ensure compliance

…to get the content you want.

Automate routing and approval processes so your staff can get what they need without dealing with tedious busywork.

  • Automatically import and route content based on rule configurations
  • Set up scheduled events and action alerts
  • Customize your dashboard to monitor progress and review process analytics

Create specific approval processes

Route documents to individuals or departments and collect eSignatures based on business rules.

Promote business continuity

Enable remote work by granting staff reliable access to tasks and content from a web portal with a secure log in.

Ensure transparency and audit-readiness

Automatically track progress and provide documentation for every guideline followed, every step along the way.

Workflow automation solves universal needs

Put automated workflow into place to boost staff efficiency and improve project turnaround times, whatever your focus.


  • Quickly gather approvals and secure resources for client-related requests
  • Eliminate the paperwork burden for smaller teams or departments
  • Enable faster fundraising requests, volunteer applications, and more
  • Track documents and actions to ensure audit-readiness and mission funding


  • Fast-track student-related documentation and resource requests
  • Sync with student information systems (SIS) to add data to student files
  • Accelerate staff hiring, contracts and reviews, PTO requests, and payroll
  • Access real-time reports to see which requests need action

Contracts Management

  • Integrate with your CRM to easily access items such as NDAs, MSAs, or SOWs
  • Review and approve time-sensitive assignments from any device, any time
  • Ensure all the regulatory boxes are checked for compliance purposes

Human Resources

  • Allow hiring teams to quickly review and progress applications toward the interview
  • Enable fast onboarding with checklists for documents or systems access
  • Create automated alerts for annual training, employee reviews, and other common HR tasks
  • Lockdown security and system access immediately upon termination

Accounts Payable

  • Integrate with ERP systems to standardize AP practices across locations
  • Quickly onboard and manage new vendor relationships
  • Automate and track PO and payment processes based on pre-defined criteria
  • Reduce order-to-invoice approvals via eSignature and alerts

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