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FileBound Document Management




Secure document management and workflow automation software for a digital era.

Work better together, eliminate tedious tasks, and build customized workflows that let teams easily create, route, review, process, and retrieve content.

Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and get more done with the right document management and workflow automation software

Straightforward workflow automation for everyone.

Drag-and-drop configuration lets you automate even the most intricate tasks, without the need for coding.

  • Collect information from virtually any format: email, fax, paper documentation, forms, and more.
  • Create dynamic rule sets to route data and trigger operations.

Content comes in all forms. Grab it all.

Your organization is driven by the data you have. Make sure you have a secure place to digitally store everything you need to keep business moving.

  • Import and store data from scanned images, Word documents, PDF, audio/visual, email, and more
  • Integrate with everything! DMS, ERP, SIS, accounting systems – you know the drill
  • Promote more efficient processes by delivering relevant alerts and content to your user’s home screen
  • Provide one end-to-end solution for every piece of captured content in your organization

Empower your virtual workforce via the cloud.

Make workflow seamless between full time, on-site, virtual, or freelance teams across the globe.

  • Access files, route documents for review and approval, create forms, collect eSignatures, see pending tasks, and assess project status and results from anywhere.
  • Centralize multiple interfaces for indexing and distributing data for use in other applications.

Ensure secure access to enable work from anywhere.

Whether it’s local staff, contractors, freelancers, or remote workers, they all need access to the goods. Give it to them.

  • Search, find, and share content with colleagues anywhere, at any time
  • Simple-to-configure user rules and security settings ensure data is kept safe
  • Wow your staff with the ultimate user-friendly, single-click metadata search capabilities
  • Simplify the workday by providing device-agnostic mobile access to records

Analytics make the data you have work for you

Get a real-time look at tasks and projects and use analytics to define benchmarks, discover areas for improvement, and raise productivity.

Fast adoption and a user-friendly experience

Easy to set up with little to no training required. Intuitive, logical end-user experience makes interacting with the system a breeze.

Flexible integrations get you all the content you need

Say goodbye to data silos with our comprehensive integration platform and API capabilities that allow you to connect to common business systems.

Empower your business with our document management system

Our cloud repository allows users to import, manage, and access documents and data from one place. Quickly, easily, and securely.

Prepare for content audits, automatically

Provide auditors documentation for every version of every document from one place.

Disaster-proof your documents

Digitize and securely store critical documentation in the cloud to safeguard data from loss, fire, flood, or an Armageddon-type scenario.

Connect systems and eliminate data silos

Anticipate and intelligently deliver relevant content from various systems, right to one home screen.

A full featured, intuitive, and easy to administer enterprise content management solution

Workflow automation

  • Customizable workflow rules
  • Graphical drag-and-drop interface for
    no-code configuration
  • Automatic importing, escalations, and scheduled event capabilities
  • Minimal training for user adoption

Document management

  • Easy configuration for permissions and security settings
  • One-click metadata searches for documents and files
  • Digitize and store records securely in one place
  • Highly scalable with flexible licensing options

eForms portal

  • Capture and automatically route requests via workflow rules
  • Replace outdated, error-prone paper forms and processes
  • Provide 24/7 upload and submit capabilities
  • Central portal to organize various organizational forms

Robust analytics

  • Five Insights Dashboards evaluate process efficiency
  • Predictive analytics recognize trends based on patterns
  • Performance comparisons identify areas for improvement
  • Anticipate the effects of current trends on future productivity

Wide variety of integrations

  • Integration platform powered by Dell Boomi
  • Open APIs allow for custom integrations with existing systems
  • Fused interface provides access to data from one screen
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integrated

Document management helps you get down to business

Promote accessible, transparent processes to get more done, whatever your focus.


  • Quickly access records or requests to get resources to clients faster
  • Enable access to important content across locations, effortlessly
  • Track documents and actions to ensure audit-readiness and mission funding


  • Provide universal, secure access to student files or school management documentation
  • Sync with student information systems (SIS) to add data to student files
  • Eliminate disparate processes with one comprehensive K-12 file for each student

Contracts Management

  • Integrate with your CRM to easily access items such as NDAs, MSAs, or SOWs
  • Access and review documents from any device, any time
  • Ensure all the regulatory boxes are checked for compliance purposes

Human Resources

  • Create comprehensive personnel files to securely house all information
  • Oversee the consistent use, access, and destruction of records as needed
  • Ensure all records are retained according to internal or external compliance policies

Accounts Payable

  • Integrate with ERP systems to standardize processes and provide secure access to data across locations
  • Create comprehensive vendor files with complete documentation
  • Easily scale to full business processing with FileBound Workflow Automation capabilities

Document Management delivers nearly immediate improvements in efficiency and can be further optimized with the addition of Workflow.

FileBound is the gold standard for ECM software.

FileBound has been recognized as a Gold Medalist and leader in the 2022 SoftwareReviews Enterprise Content Management Data Quadrant report.

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