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Higher Education Document and Process Automation

Electronic Processes Increase Student Service Levels, Reduce Costs with Filebound’s Higher Education Document and Process Automation

Even as students have higher expectations from their college experiences, most institutions are struggling with budgets and staffing. FileBound document and process automation helps colleges and universities attract and retain students by reducing expenses and increasing productivity in the business office while improving student-facing services.

Colleges and universities around the country use FileBound to manage everything from enrollment services, student health and housing processes to grant management, contracts and back-office operations. These institutions selected FileBound because it delivers enterprise-class functionality that is easy to use and affordable.

Higher Education Testimonial FileBound


  • Decreasing the amount of time spent on business office and other back-office activities reduces operating expenses, freeing money to be spent on more strategic projects to advance the institution
  • Improving student service and enrollment management processes, such as processing financial aid applications more quickly, increases the odds of attracting and retaining first-choice candidates
  • Integration with student information systems (SIS), accounting software, human resources applications and critical systems supports end-to-end efficiency and reduce data entry
  • Cloud-native application offers affordability, security, disaster recovery and reduced reliance on IT
  • Empowers administrators and staff to be more nimble and collaborative by removing manual and paper-based processes and enabling anytime, anywhere access, document sharing and more


  • Classifies documents such enrollment documents, vendor invoices, maintenance contracts and more the way you and them
  • Intuitive search and retrieval makes it easy to access any documents you need in seconds based on your user rights
  • Drag-and-drop form creation tools allow business users to create forms that can be used for student services, internal business processes or public-facing websites
  • Workflow automation eliminates inefficient email or manual routing of documents that need to go through processes such as approval or review, such as student admission or financial aid applications, grant documentation, vendor invoices or contracts
  • Mobile support allows students, faculty and administration to interact with FileBound using virtually any device, including apps for Android and iOS
Higher Education FileBound Testimonial

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