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K-12 Education Document and Workflow Automation Software

Electronic documents and processes help schools meet financial challenges though Filebound’s K-12 Education Document and Workflow Automation Software.

The demands and expectations for K-12 school systems continue to grow, but, unfortunately, budgets don’t. FileBound document and workflow automation software helps administrators reduce operational expenses while improving responsiveness to students, citizens, government agencies and other schools. By eliminating inefficiency, such as paper-based processes and manual routing, FileBound frees staff to focus on work that really matters without breaking the bank.

FileBound Education Testimonial
FileBound Testimonial Education

School districts across the country use FileBound to:

  • Improve back-office processes such as human resources (HR), accounting and contract management
  • Securely store, access and share student records such as transcripts, counseling and disciplinary documents, while automatically enforcing privacy policies to prevent unauthorized access
  • Easily, accurately and completely comply with state and federal reporting requirements to ensure compliance and maintain funding status
  • Empower district services such as facilities and transportation to manage documents electronically for more efficient collaboration and disaster recovery
  • Comply with public access laws for documents such as school board packets with less impact on staff or even via self-service


  • Reduces the amount of money and staff time spent filing, retrieving, copying and sending documents by providing immediate access to electronic files from virtually any location or device
  • Protects the security of data and documents from threats of all kinds, including unauthorized access or loss due to being misplaced or damaged in a disaster
  • Automates processes such as invoice approval or HR tracking to ensure compliance, accountability and efficiency
  • Cloud deployment and flexible licensing options put enterprise-class business technology within reach of budget-conscious school districts
  • Integrates with existing software applications such as student information systems, accounting/finance packages and human resources, reducing duplicate effort and making it easier for staff to use


  • Classifies everything from student transcripts, vendor invoices or maintenance contracts the way you want them and makes them available with just a few clicks
  • Drag-and-drop form creation tools allow business users to create forms that can be used for internal requests (such as a job requisition) to external ones (such as job applications)
  • Workflow automation eliminate inefficient email or manual routing of documents that need to go through processes such as approval or review, such as contracts or transfer requests
  • Secure self- service delivers immediate document access to people inside or outside of your organization (such as citizens to access public records like school board packets) without complicated or expensive licensing requirements

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