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Legal Information Management

Increase Productivity with Better Legal Information Management


  • Concurrent access for all attorneys and paralegals assigned to a particular matter based on user rights, regardless of where they are located. Research and preparation are completed faster and the costs and delays associated with paper-based files are eliminated without compromising security or privacy.
  • Consolidated information, eliminating the need for attorneys and staff to access multiple systems to get all of the information they need. Less time is spent searching for documents and the information they contain and more time is spent on activities that drive value for clients and the firm.
  • Eases compliance with electronic filing and discovery requirements by maintaining all documents in a secure repository in either native formats or standard formats such as PDF-A. Documents can be emailed or uploaded to meet filing requirements or be routed through internal processes such as reviews and approvals.
  • Increase productivity by making it easy to search for information. Users can quickly locate a particular document related to a matter they are working on or search across the repository for specific word or phrases, such as contract terms used in similar situations or all items related to a specific area of discovery.
FileBound Law Testimonial
FileBound Testimonial Law


  • Ease-of-use removes barriers to adoption, allowing firms and legal departments to see the benefits quickly
  • Flexible architecture and licensing makes it easy to securely extend the solution to additional users, even allowing limited access for remote or temporary users assisting with a specific matter
  • Seamless mobile access means  attorneys always have the documents they need where they want them, regardless of the device they choose
  • Cost-effective technology can be leveraged to for other  paper-intensive and/or manual processes such as human resources or accounts payable to maximize the investment

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