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ScanPro® All-In-One™ Microfilm Scanner

The Award-Winning In-House Conversion and On-Demand Research Scanner



Welcome to the microfilm revolution! With the award-winning ScanPro All-In-One, you are able to convert entire microfilm collections that include 16mm, 35mm, fiche, jacketed fiche and aperture cards and perform on-demand research all within in one unit.

The All-In-One allows you to easily read, scan, print and convert your images with exceptional speed and accuracy and automatically with its motorized AUTO-Carrier™.

The surprisingly affordable All-In-One reaps the benefits of both a roll film and fiche conversion unit and an on-demand unit all within one machine – saving you time and money.

The ScanPro All-In-One microfilm scanners are built on the ScanPro platform first developed in 2006 and has been continually improved since then. Today, these microfilm scanners are fast, and have features and capabilities not found on any other microfilm equipment. Patrons have named these features as being special in making working with microfilm enjoyable and fun. Names like the “magic button” and the “must have feature” that reflect patron appreciation for the continual effort to make working with microfilm both easy and fun.

A ScanPro Advantage membership is included with the ScanPro All-In-One for free, for the first 6 months. After the initial 6 month trial, the annual ScanPro Advantage Membership is less than $299 per year! The membership includes advanced software like AUTO-Scan™ Pro that scans up to 100 images per minute, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness, PowerScan Productivity Suite (OCR software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information look-ups. Being a member will also grant you full access to new features and performance enhancements as they become available – making your ScanPro the only scanner you will ever have to buy.

All current ScanPro models (includes the ScanPro i9500, ScanPro 3500 and the ScanPro 2500) can ship from the factory as an All-In-One conversion scanner for both roll film and fiche. Every ScanPro All-In-One model maintains all of the features and benefits of the model that has been selected for its desired requirements.

The ScanPro i9500 and 3500’s 26 megapixel camera1 is the only camera in the micrographic industry to utilize pixel-shifting technology to provide the best image on the market. With its high performance and 26 megapixel camera1, the ScanPro 3500 captures clean crisp images that make research and looks-up fast and easy. Paired with OCR software using ABBYY® Fine Reader, you have the best image-producing scanner available today.

Have a ScanPro microfilm scanner already but ready to experience the fully automatic scanning capabilities of an All-In-One? We have you covered! Any ScanPro USB 3.0 model that has already been shipped can be field upgraded to an All-In-One conversion scanner at any time.

Stars Information Solutions is the exclusive dealer for e-ImageData ScanPro products, service and training in the state of Texas.

Our Award-Winning ScanPro All-In-One models

The affordable solution that will please your wallet and provide the highest performance.

The best image-producing microfilm scanner on the market and with the clearest image.

The only scanner that is able to read “blips” for indexed searching for all film types.

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The ScanPro i9500 All-In-One

ScanPro All-In-One

Using the ScanPro All-In-One for Conversion

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1The ScanPro 3500 high-performance, 26 Megapixel, pixel-shifting camera produces the clearest image in the microfilm industry. Pixel-shifting is a state-of-the-art technology being used by some of the best known and respected manufactures in the camera industry. Companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax, Lumix, and many others are successfully using this technology. Although e-ImageData is not the first manufacturer to use pixel-shifting, we are the first and the only manufacturer in the micrographics industry to use this advanced technology to capture higher megapixel images. e-ImageData starts with the largest image sensor in the industry with the largest pixel size in the industry and using pixel shifting technology, captures and integrate 4 unique optical images into a single 26 megapixel camera image, providing the clearest microfilm images in the industry

For more information on the MegaPixel Paradox (when more pixels don’t improve performance), click here.

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