Announcing the NEW ScanPro All-In-One

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February 22, 2018
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June 28, 2018

At e-ImageData and Stars Information Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the best, most innovative technology available in the micrographics industry and we are proud to introduce the ScanPro All-In-OneTM microfilm scanner. The All-In-One scanner is the first, truly universal on-demand, conversion unit on the market today. It provides users with all the necessary tools to make research more efficient and more productive than ever before. With the All-In-One scanner, you get all the capabilities of your current ScanPro model plus more, bringing you a complete digital solution.


The All-In-One is available with any current ScanPro model and is paired our newest innovation, the AUTO-Carrier™(AC) – that automatically scans microfiche. The AUTO-Carrier (AC) is operated entirely by on-screen controls. This allows users to move directly through fiche image-by-image, anywhere on the fiche, with a single click. In addition, the AC can automatically scan a range of images, groups of images or the entire fiche, seamlessly and with unparalleled accuracy, at scanning speeds up to 100 images per minute with AUTO-Scan® Pro — the optional high-speed scanning software. In addition to its fiche-scanning capability, the All-In-One also offers a roll film carrier, making the All-In-One scanner the only desktop scanning solution for all film types.

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